Friday, 2 February 2018

Basic Disappearing Nine Patch 3: some design strategies.

Basic style with just three colours.
This quilt has now been donated to Linus

Scrappy but similar corner and side squares with consistent centres. The cut apart ubits were the rearranged in an overall
layout before being sewn into blocks and rows..

Each nine patch had a different set of side squares to create a figure of eight pattern.
The centre square was the same as the corner squares

Here the corner squares were white and the side squares red giving a different emphasis to the pattern. I presseed the
nine patches towards the red squares and the black centres.

Castle Wall blocks with the sides having the same background colour as the cormer squares
making for a less defined pattern apart from the tone one one blue centre squares.

Castle Wall blocks with warm and cool  batiks placed consistently in the ninepatch corners and different cool batiks i each one, likewise different black centres.

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