Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Basic Disappearing 9-Patch Step one

To make the basic version make a none patch block using four squares of one fabric for the corners,  four squares of a contrast fabric for the side pieces and a single piece of a third fabric for the centre. How you press the seams doesn't matter as they don't have to match up when the blocks meet. However I like to press to whichever fabric I want to highlight and this becomes slightly raised and the other only slightly receded, a subliminal effect.Here I pressed towards the leafy corners and the centre square.
Stripes at right angles to centre square

Stripes parallel to centre square

Note how the stripes are aligned in relation to the centre square, either all parallel or at right angles.
  Next cut the block in half vertically and horizontally. Try not to let it shift between cuts. To ensure my cuts are are even I like to use two rulers to measure from both sides at once then move one ruler away in order to make the  cut.

Block cut in half vertically and horizontally

Two rulers enable an even cut

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