Saturday, 16 September 2017

Last from Hever

The rose garden
Hever is a lovely day out, not just for the quilts but for the lovely gardens though the weather was rather dull this year. This year we had tickets to go round the house and were greeted by an Anne Boleyn lookalike.
Janet Hall: Red for Matt and Jo: she attended a fractured flowers workshop, a
technique I'd like to try on a smaller scale.

Louise Bell: Autumn leaves and birds in trees
Applique on linen. I like the unstructured all over use of applique elements.

Rosemary Hesketh: Nine Patch Liberty Tana Lawns

Detail of Liberty fabrics

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Julie Fukuda said...

I have been thinking of an autumn leaf quilt and that was a nice reminder that it is on my bucket list. Liberty fabric is so lovely but probably the most expensive of all the fabrics we can buy here.