Monday, 14 August 2017


The doors open
It's that time of year again when quilters gather at the NEC fr the wonderful Festival of quilts. This year I had just two days whereas usually I spend the best part of three there but I am very happy all the same with what I saw, did and spent! .
On the seeing side I found I had left my catalogue with descriptions of quilts back at the hotel but this turned out to be an advantage as I just looked at the label with the maker's name and quilt title which was enough and stopped me wasting time and clogging my brain with all the descriptions. I've noted the numbers of the ones I've photographed so I will look up the descriptions of those.
I did five one hour workshops, a chance to sit down and also to encounter teachers who might come to our quilt groups as well as sample different techniques.
My spending was fairly focussed. I had a list of items to get and of shops to visit and didn't veer too wildly off the beaten track. My one extravagance of Carolyn Friedlander cotton/linen print I regret not at all.
I find it hard to select a favourite quilt but the one that has set me off on a copyist's track is from the modern section, La Passacaglia Goes Large by Dorothy Hill. I need to set about acquiring templates or having them made. I should like to hand piece rather than EPP.
Just one of the Passacaglia "wheels" on a double bed sized scale
The Viewers' favorite was different from the usual pretty large applique type exercise of delicate needlewoman skill: a pictorial quilt depicting an elephant prominent near the entrance/exit.and with a hint of cuteness.
I don't know who made it but they must be very pleased!

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