Sunday, 6 August 2017

Barn Owls Quilt Show, Whitstable

I enjoyed a walk round Whitstable and for once remembered to unpack my camera from the day before to take pictures at the Barn Owls show where I spent almost as much time chatting as taking in the quilts but I did go round twice.
Here are two by Joy Smith, Bali Sea Star quilted by Maggie Breakspear and French Connection quilted by the Bramble Patch. Sylvia Bowman started Woven Blocks in a Carolyn Forster workshop. I've seen this pattern in a magazine and I would like to do it too. I was in Jan Hassard's Dazzling Diamonds workshop but unlike Celia Stockbridge never completed the quilt and used some of the fabrics elsewhere. My favourite though was the understated hard to photograph Chambray Churndash by Joan Hinns qulted by Maggie and which came as a cut out out kit. I did ask about posting pictures and was given the OK.
Joan Hinns: Chambray Churn Dash


Bali Sea Star by Joy Smith and quilted by Maggie of Priory Lane Quilting

French Connection also by Joy Smith and quilted by The Bramble Patch

Sylvia Bowman's Woven  Blocks from a Carolyn Forster Workshop

Tombola bag I sadly didn't win!

Dazzling Diamonds by Celia Stockbridge from a Jan Hassard workshop, a great quilt
and a great teacher.

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