Sunday, 2 July 2017

Farnham trip 03

After Show and Tell at Brigitte's she drove us along very pretty roads to a local patchwork shop where we made a few purchases and then to her studio where she teaches and where her longarm business is housed.  Thank you Brigitte  for a day I shall long remember.
Quilt on the design wall

Brigitte outside her studio.
We had half intended to lunch there but as it was busy we went on to Chawton and enjoyed a sandwich opposite Jane Austen's house where we learnt a lot about her life and viewed her quilt now given due focus. I'm pleased so many museums are being alerted to the popularity of their textile treasures and the viewing number ensuing. We quilters do like to travel.
Jane Austen's final home which she shared with her mother, sister and family friend. Jane died in her forties while mother and sister lived on to their 90's

The quilt they made

A coverlet in a spare room , presumably nothing to do
with Jane.

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