Saturday, 29 April 2017

A finish and a start

The back

Here is a picture of my now complete Cutting the Cake quilt from Kimberley Einmo's workshop at Houston. The straight line quilting while not very close lines seemed interminable. I'm pleased with the bright binding and the Luke Haines brushed cotton back. I'll take a vertical picture of it on retreat next week.
The big stitches are my tacking of the quilt sandwich, not one of the alternatives! I've got as far as cross stitches in
the centres of the four patches.
On my return I'm down to do alternative hand quilting stitches at Quay. Fortunately I've located my previous samples but the sample quilt was sold last summer so now I've embarked on a fresh one. I'll keep it as an ongoing project as needed.

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Julie Fukuda said...

The quilting really looks good with such a busy design. And I like that colorful new one too.