Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Bye bye quilts

My daughter and granddaughter came to visit yesterday and I showed them the quilt which I am currently binding which led to a thorough recce of my sewing room. I was delighted that three of my recent quilts found a home with a fourth soon to follow. These were always meant to find a new home eventually whether  to sell, give to charity or best of all to family and friends. So job done and I get to visit them once in a while!
Glimma Crosses

Quilt made in a workshop with Marion Fox, made twice as big.

Two happy campers with my Jelly Roll Race quilt


Julie Fukuda said...

I love the quilt made by my great grandmother and begged to have it when my father wanted to give it to a museum. Now I am happy that all my kids will take over my quilts eventually. Luckily none of my quilts would be deemed museum pieces, even at a ripe old age.

Plum Cox said...

Happiness all round - fabulous! I love sharing my quilts around the family too!