Sunday, 26 February 2017

A Week of Finishes: Saturday

I had some scraps leftover from the Fancy Forest Quilt and thought I would use them up making a second version of Margaret's bag. It;s a bit of a mish mash - I should have liked to include more of the blue solid in the crazy piecing but  as it was I used every last scrap.
I also applied facing to a Linus quilt but left it in stages of completion to illustrate the method to to the U3A Monday week.
Folded strip attached with quarter inch seam to right side of quilt, raw edges together

Flipped over and pressed

Secured with a one eighth inch away from edge line of stitching
 through all layers of seam allowance

Folded edge pressed to the wrong side

Sewed facing with a serpentine stitch through all layers. On a different quilt I should do this by hand.

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Julie Fukuda said...

Your blocks look like they are related to the ones I just used. I like that handy decorative bag too.