Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Table Mats

Mats with central square

Vice versa  reverse side of mats with strips backing whole pieces. 

On a similar theme to double sided runners I decided to make a couple of table mats so that U3A members could opt to make a smaller project. I got rather carried away and made six and the two simpler ones on the basis that if we all get together there are more than six of us.
I learnt some useful lessons:
1. that fabrics in the same line do not all play well together
2. More blenders and backgrounds are required than stars
3. More of fewer colours is best
4. Each side can  need not two but three fabric groups allowing for the previous point.
Now I have to bind them all and look out for some of the pale gold print blender type fabric at Farnham on Sunday.
Just a simple square and side strips

Reverse side - I needed to add a bit of extra quilting to
 this version.

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