Saturday, 21 January 2017


Last Sunday three of us made the trip to Farnham an annual event where traders sell off surplus stock  and one or two private vendors sell off surplus stash - usually the best ports of call. We were all pleased with our purchases but best of all are the quilt shows mounted by local groups along with demonstrations.
I always look for Brigitte Gillespie's quilts there and we usually have a little chat - she said everyone would be happy for me to post pictures here.
This is Brigitte's Patchwork of the Crosses which she was demonstrating last year. I like the
larger format.

Detail - longarmed by Brigitte herself 

Another quilt by Brigitte called Circles of
Life based on one seen on Instagram.


Frisky Frogs for Zebedee by
Valerie Lillie

Ruth Harrison - Cottage to Castle. I love the soft muted shading. Design by Pam and Nicky

Linus quilts on a maritime theme

A lovely quilt by Brigitte: Polkadot Garden, a Minick and Simpson pattern. This quilt
won several prizes at Sandown

Dot Darrell: Sylvia's Garden. The Village Quilters held a Viewers Choice vote
and this got mine.

Fiona Moss: You are a hidden star. I loved the restrained setting


Julie Fukuda said...

I love that Lucy Boston pattern and would like to try the larger size one of these days. I saw one at the Tokyo Dome show this week and I think I have a picture to post ... once I get some time to sort and choose.

Beatrice said...

Hello, I've never been to Farnham so I'm a bit jealous, here! Is Ardingly worth the drive? Am thinking of going this week-end ...