Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Doing the laundry

The blue fabric in of the quilts we made in Judi's Abracadabra workshop ran so today I washed the quilt with a handful of colour catchers to pick up excess dye. It's emerged looking good while the colour changers are blue - perhaps I should have taken the opportunity to dye some pieces! I hung it in my boiler room to dry - you can just see a colour catcher on the side of the wash basket. Now it's been ironed and is lying flat on the carpet. The lovely quilting is by Judi, an expert. The technique is one where you piece a simple 4 patch then cut it and reassemble.



Julie Fukuda said...

Those color catchers are a good invention. Here we have the most trouble with reds and browns, With scraps coming from all over, washing everything first is not much of an option. I do love the resulting quilt.

Stitchinscience said...

Lovely quilt. For the life of me, I can' work out where the cuts would be on the 4 patch to get this result