Thursday, 10 November 2016

Motley Selection

Somehow one can also recognise Japanese quilts - always the extra mile and a degree of
quirkiness. This is "Eternal" by Kazuko Noto.

Amy Pabst: A Long Way from Home based on "Classic
and Cool" by Caroline Wilkinson (UK quilter
associated with Fine Cell Work). This is small but I'd like
to make a larger version.

Tachyon by J. Andrew Love a string quilt. He
challenges the viewer to google the title. I did and it's
Greek for speedy as well having a complicated
scientific meaning.


This is another of the C19th Divas' quilts made from a
traditional group swap. This arrangement  by Julia
Berggren is based on her sister's antique quilt.

This is Don't Fence Me In by Carol Staele
and like quilters before her she solves the
border corners by just cutting off  at the end.

Kaffe Fassett from his Beautiful Blooms book.
I plan to snitch this setting for stack and
whackery squares.

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