Monday, 7 November 2016

Houston Days

I am early to the airport at the moment and reviewing pictures etc. In answer to a previous comment we have drunk many cups of tea. We brought teabags with us and will be requesting hot water on the plane to make more! I went on a workshop with Tracy to make Star Roses  a couple of years ago and bought templates from Marti Michell, a kite and a crown so at some stage I can make a quilt.

Marti's Kite and Crown table runner sampler
I like to hand piece now and then and the templates have holes so you can mark the corners.
On Saturday we went to Festival after hours and enjoyed the buffet and danced con brio.
At Festival After Hours: it was a great band
But before then two of us went to Gyleen X. Fitzgerald's lunch lecture. We had excellent seats and some good companions. I went to her first festival classes 3 years ago and they were excellent. Obviously news has spread and she now has quite a following and has developed more ideas since we last saw her. As ever she was very articulate and amusing.
This was one of the variations in the Gyleen class
we went to.

Gyleen in full flow

From Gyleen

From Gyleen

Gyleen's Boston Commons Quilt

And Saturday afternoon was  spent exploring more quilts.

Share Jane by Kim Caskey and Jeltse van Essen,
part of the 20 tears of Dear Jane special display.
Feathered star by Sue Troyan, one of the Quilt Divas
who swap blocks

And this is how Ann Jernigan used her blocks
I loved this Leafy Sampler made in a day
by Kaffe Fassett and friends.
And this appropriately dressed lady was responsible
for an amazing display of leather quilts. Just the
thing for Texas.

Detail - I imagine this featured in his
Beautiful Blooms book as this was the
focus of this special display

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JoZart Quilts said...

You certainly crammed in a wealth of quilting quality into your trip. Good to hear you had your cuppas too! Love this latest post with so much inspiration but I must own up to a few pangs of envy for the talks and workshops you attended. Thanks so much for your super bulletins, I've really enjoyed sharing.
I will attend a 20th Anniversary show, of a quilt group across the river Mersey from Liverpool, on Friday. Ah well ... I know it's not the same as your trip but it's a little bit of compensation.
Take care and have a safe, relaxing trip home,
Jo x