Friday, 9 September 2016

Quilts for Sale

No, not on this blog but our St Stephen's Residents' association is having a jumble trail involving more than 30 houses, jumble but an arts and crafts element too. I am taking the chance to try to sell some of my surplus quilts as storage is becoming a problem and some have been made for sheer enjoyment rather than to keep a finished product. I've arranged them in rough size piles, not necessarily different prices.
If I sell one I shall be pleased! Hopefully we'll get rid of our jumble and no longer needed children's stuff from up in the loft. None of its going back up but will be off to charity shop or dump as applicable.
Smaller pieces - the animal squares were tucked over my grandchildren as
I read to them.

1930's Farmer's Wife block in front, with Hexagon batiks peeping out and Jen Kingswell strippy
at the back.

Lotta's Crosses in front, Log Jam behind with Jam & Custard and
Trip around the World at the back

In a Green Shade,  dragonfly Mystery, April Rise, Little Red Riding Hood and Snails' Trails.

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Beatrice said...

Hello, I like your Lotta crosses quilt. Is it still for sale? What about the one with the batiks on a dark background? I go to Canterbury fairly regularly so perhaps we could arrange a meeting where I could pick up a quilt.