Sunday, 4 September 2016

Hever Time

On Thursday 1st Alan and I went to Hever delivering quilts and helping to set up ad hang. By the time we left my two smaller ones were in place but the larger ones were still to go. I may get better pictures when I go again on Sunday.
Looking out over the gardens

Ablue corner

This was one of the quilts I delivered, a wonderful
Kim Maclean design magnificently made by
Beverley Brawn and Quilted by my friend, Maggie

This is mine also longarmed by Maggie and promised for sale in October.
 It's one of my stack and whackery squares  quilts and uses a shell patterned fabric by
Philip Jacobs

This looked remarkably good from a distance.. It will be up for sale at our
local St Stephen's jumble trail Saturday 10th.

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Julie Fukuda said...

All quite nice. The stack and whack has so many possibilities and coordinates so well. I hope to give the four piece a try some day.