Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Still on the subject of quilting

Sanderson Star quilting detail

Sanderson Star
Detail of Welsh wholecloth

Gerald McConkey's quilt inspired by the vintage one.

Still on the subject of quilting, examples of north country and Welsh traditional quilting were in the TQG gallery.  The Sanderson Star in rather unusual colours came from a member's collection and is a design devised and associated with Elizabeth Sanderson and her students. The central star is a single piece so these quilts are masterpieces of drafting, piecing and quilting.North Country quilts can be strippies with cables or designed as a piece with a large centre quilting motif and designs around the edge and issuing from the corners with some all over crosshatching or similar filler in between. Welsh quilts tend to use sections or frames with no reference to a pieced pattern and use spirals etc.
This is a very simplistic description! Dorothy Osler has written a book about North Country quilting and Jen Jones one on Welsh quilts.
The best of Show was a stunning long armed wholecloth by Sandy Chandler and the Visitors' Choice an exquisitely beaded handquilted piece by Sandie Lush.
Detail of sandie Lush's hand quilted "Pearl Princess"

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