Sunday, 14 August 2016

Last of the Linus (for now)

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 I am just back from Festival of Quilts and will post some pictures soon but before I left I finished the last two Linus quilts of this batch. I have been machine sewing the bindings to stand up to heavy wear but after mking a nice piece these have all been rather rough especially the ones with the Backing turned over to the front. After my success with a faced edging I used this for the ninth and final one but machined it down with a serpentine stitch (Janome no. 19 - better than on my other machines) and I am much happier with it and will use it on future picture play quilts like this one. Pity about the previous 8!
I love piecing, can't afford to have everything longarmed so have several tops in waiting. I am making myself do them before starting to piece anything else. Part motivation is a chance to try to sell some at our upcoming neighbourhood jumble trail.
Detail of machine faced edge, the neatest one.

Number 8 with binding

Back of 8, a soft brushed cotton same fabric as on 9.

Currently hand sewing faced edging on snails trail stack and whackery
four patches

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Julie Fukuda said...

The Linus quilt will be cherished by some child. You are great with coming up with solutions to any challenge.