Saturday, 2 July 2016

Jelly Roll Race Day

I'm at the far end, Tracy on left, Mary on my other side and Maggie at right.

Having lunch, Belinda at left and no I didn't eat all the home made
sausage rolls.

Sadly Judi couldn't make it but five happy souls gathered to feast and sew. Four of us had jelly rolls while hostess, Maggie, had cut long and short strips which she joined with 45 degree seams as did Mary. I'm a Mary too and I used squares between my strips - I left the plain white strip out and my Annaluna Pop strips from Stof were very bright. Belinda and Tracy joined theirs with triangles which I  now know how to do having watched Tracy. Lunch was lovely. I plucked up courage to try to make a big cheese scone but Belinda also brought some very successful efforts which we had at lunch (we had mine for tea). I have picked up some helpful scone hints. Tracy showed her completed I Love Scraps  quilt (see post for 14th April) which she had quilted concentrically from the central heart shape. I was impressed and now plan to use concentric circles for my jelly roll quilt so all in all the day was as good as a workshop for me. Thank you friends. I should say Mary came to my aid to untangle the mess my first long strip got into. After that I carefully concertinered the strip sets as they came off the machine.

Mary's still unpressed. She wasn't sure about the red stripe and may take it out.

Belinda's usng Modas.

Maggie's  from her stash; I love the pale colours - another thing  to try.

Mine and I am pleased - to sell or for Linus.

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JoZart Quilts said...

It looks like you all had such a good time and it is good to achieve so much in a day of fun. I have made a couple of these but it has inspired me to try one with triangles as the links.
Jo x