Tuesday, 28 June 2016


As I am doing the Piece of Cake applique along with friends I need to keep up the momentum with that. As I can't get on with needle turn I have to prepare and press patches which is more time consuming and I am prequiling my blocks; both these processes seemed too hard  in my more poorly state but I am now coming out of that tunnel and sat down at my machine for the first time since early May to quilt the triangle pieces which frame the central on point medallion. Choosing the fabric combinations was the most time consuming part though with quite a few rejects. I also had to change out the centre of the large circle on the medallion as I didn't like my first choice. I'll have to be more gung ho when I get to the blocks otherwise the quilt won't be finished in this life!
Framing triangles with fabric pieces laid out and rejections below.

Central on point block to be trimmed to size ready to
join quilt-as-you-go.

Joseph's Coat is much more straightforward though even there I have to unpick because I have two blocks with the same fabric adjoining.
Latest sections

To be joined to the above once the bottom left block changed out.

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