Sunday, 15 May 2016

On my travels

Detail of tiles on Coca Cola building

I am in Berlin at the the moment, house exchanging and getting a taste of city life. This morning we walked along to look at a remaining section of the dividing wall by the river and remembered a long ago holiday in the Harz just in the West and seeing the watchtowers. always with two not a single occupant, and hearing the guard dogs barking.  The old communal gas pipes wend their way along some of the former East side streets where we are staying but corporations are erecting smart newedifices by the river. Two offered a smidgen of patchwork inspiration.
Before I left I prepped wadding before having a quilt long armed by spraying, steaming and hanging on the line to disperse creases from tight packaging. It worked too.
Wadding on line
The very day before leaving it was the U3A Open Day and I was delighted to see two quilts including the blocks I taught last autumn term.
Grace's quilt

and Georgie's

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