Wednesday, 16 March 2016

This and that

With dad  (who did our decorating) and brother

Next time I saw her in this it was coordinated with navy tights and a very nice hooded
cardigan. A very successful outfit.

Life has been a bit hectic lately with three weeks of decorating and general upset and lots of last minute commitments. When in Pasadena I bought some clothes for myself and braved a hectic Gap outlet for clothes for my granddaughter tried on here at our mother's day meet.
 It was also the last day of the current U3A session - we start again in September with Margaret at the helm so I hope to be able to catch up with more of my own work. Sheila  who very much has her own style brought in a hexagon piece she has been working on. She has lots of dressmaking scraps to draw on.
Sheila's bright hexagons with very effective black "flower" centres.

Margaret's stained glass fish which will be the basis for a larger finish in a
day design at her workshop in May.

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