Monday, 22 February 2016

Small Quiltsand Minimalist Design Quilts at QuiltCon

Judging from this show modern quilts are definitely moving off sofas,beds,floors and chairs onto the wall and for many this can be their only role as is the case with small quilts. I suppose this is to be expected when time is limited and the purpose is to try out ideas and to follow a less is more strategy.
Anyway here is a selection of small quilts
Summer Spin by Rebecca Bell UK using English Paper piecing

Stacked by Nicole Neblett made in part to whittle down her
scrap bin (!!!)


Bzzzzzz by Sherri Cifaldi Morell; I love the graphic quality of this one.

Mixed Cassette tapes by Lysa Flower, also
a small quilt.

Stone + Bone by Kelsey Boes, a small quilt
employing screen printing and over
and from Pam Rocco's quilt onwards minimal quilts in the
 "Minimalist. Design"
This is House Plan by Pam Rocco. Pam is a hero of mine as I always follow her articles in
QNMagazine and often cut out pictures of her qulits to stick in my book. She was very
interesting and utterly delightful in real life and I loved everything about this quilt.

Detail of Blind and "Doe" fabric.

This is Blind by Nancy Purvis inspired by the
windows in her home.

Cancer and Taurus (Constellation Quilt) by Amber Corcoran.
The yellow specks represent her and her husband's stars.

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