Sunday, 21 February 2016

QuiltCon Improvisations

A spacious, airy well lit exhibition space.
(Apologies for not emailing or responding to emails; the webmail site says Ooops Sorry trying to fix it.)
I haven't taken pictures of any winning quilts as I expect they will be published by MQG on their site and in the newsletter. I went round each section looking carefully at quilts and reading descriptions, noting my favourites and then walked round from a greater distance, taking pictures of a selected few either because I liked them or because they included elements I might want to adapt for my own work.
Here are some samples from the large improvisational section.
"Hemisphere" by Janice Smyth, freeing herself from
a block format and using colours inspired by Joseph Albers

Puddling by Amy Friend using and adapting skills she learnt while testing the Layered curve
score for Sherri Lynn Wood

"Score for showing up" by Sherri Lynn Wood 

Party Arbor by Jenna Brand started in Sherri
Lynn Wood's Scrap Doodling class at
QuiltCon 2015

Detail of tree forms

These are quilts made for charity by various guilds and individuals. Sometimes
modern quilts look all the same!

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JoZart Quilts said...

I am transported through your quilty travelogue and fascinated by it all.
Really enjoying sharing your trip and thanks so much for all your posts. Just wishing I was there for real.
Jo x