Thursday, 25 February 2016

Bee Quilts

It's nice to see the reintroduction of the old fashioned "bee" for group quilts. So many modern quilters honed their skills by taking part in random assemblies or bee swaps online. As well as the many group charity quits hung in the Convention lobby there were group entrants in the main exhibition. My workshop tutor, Rossie Hutchinson had a major hand in two of the ones I chose to photograph.
Mistwraith, a round robin quilt by Rossie Hutchinson and
some fellow Ann Arbour MQG members.

Little Tents by Daisy Aschehoug from improv. blue and yellow triangle
units she requested from the Love Circle of the charity bee Do Good Stitches.
She wanted to suggest a camping scene with tents lit up from within as
 a way to offer a little comfort to someone in need.

Enthusiasm pieced in one session by Rossie Hutchinson and four others
starting in the centre with layered curves and then moved out to playing with lines
and then confetti shapes finishing with softer curves. One of the group,
Lynn Harris, quilted it mindful of the piecing so the quilting changes with each section.

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JoZart Quilts said...

Lovely to share more of your posts and I particularly like the quilts shown here. I find that there is something special in a quilt that is made from the combined efforts, ideas, and energies of groups of people.
Hope your trip isn't over too soon,
Jo x