Thursday, 14 January 2016

Last night at Quay Quilters

I took a few Show and Tell pictures. Last term Trish demonstrated the Carpenters Wheel block by three different methods. Bid showed hers as did Vanessa but I was slow getting my camera out. Bid also showed another completed quilt. Melinda is a Fine Cell Work volunteer. Fine Cell Work  runs quilting and stitching groups in prisons, all by hand. The meditative aspect of the occupation helps prisoners channel frustrations and pass long periods confined to cells especially over Christmas. Items are sold and the proportion of money earned gives the inmate a starting point on leaving. She showed a completed item which will appear on the Sale section of the website soon and a top made by a very withdrawn man for whom quilting is his only outlet. The hand blanket stitch is exquisite. Check out their website .
Bid's Quilt

A completed Fine Cell quilt

Fine Cell hand appliqued top

Bid's Carpenter's Wheel cushion.

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