Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Quarter Square Triangles

Quarter square triangles are formed from squares cut twice diagonally into quarters, 4 from each square. The key number is 1.25. To make a 4" QST unit add 1.25 to the finished size and cut twice diagonally. The unfinished unit will  measure 4.5" to finish at 4". For a finished 3" unit you would cut 4,25" squares and for 5.5" finished unit 6,75" squares and so on.

1. Take two contrasting 5,25 squares and draw a
diagonal line on the wrong side of the
lighter one.

2, Place squares right sides together..

3. Sew quarter inch  away from both sides of
the drawn line and cut along the drawn line.

4. Press towards the darker fabric to form
two half square triangles.

5. Place two HST's right sides together, seams butted and dark triangle
on top of the light and vice versa .
6. Draw a diagonal line at right angles
to the seam.

7.Sew a quarter inch each side of the drawn line and cut along the drawn line to result in
two QST 4" (4.5" unfinished) units

8. Finished  nine patch block. You will need to start with 5  squares of
each of two contrasting fabrisc and you will have one unit left over which
you can use in the centre of another block.

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