Saturday, 7 November 2015

Workshop Day

I led a workshop with Bethersden Quilters on stackandwhackerysquares which many were apprehensive about but on the day found once the cutting was done it was all play, fun and plain sailing and produced lots of blocks. Here is some of their work; I'm afraid I can't put names to all the fabrics. It was interesting to see all the different fabrics at the outset and then how they translated into these squares.
Two ladies used this very successful curtaining fabric

This is a Philip Jacobs fabric that I have in a
different colourway so I was very interested in
how it turned out - nice!

Lovely fabric from Barbara who is going to
make a fresh spring quilt for her bed.

Christine's pale pink and on the right Judy's.

I don't know the name of this maker but the Amy Butler
fabric works very well.

The pink and green blocks are
 made from a thicker
decorating fabric made by a beginner
and very successful too.

Judy's bright flowers once more, a small repeat
but jolly blocks.

Vivien's peacock feathers worked well in a
subtle way.

Janice's fabric came from Thailand  and is another
subtle one.

Elaine made masses of these black and white blocks before
anyone else had got started. She had been one of the doubters
but was entranced!

From Pat, lovely fresh colours.

And from Brenda - she did lots too in very effective fabric.

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