Thursday, 29 October 2015


And  on the subject of making progress I've added a border to my Snails Trails, not too big as this will probably be a charity quilt for a teenager. Meantime it will be yet another sample for my Stacking Squares workshop next month. Then I'll sandwich and simply quilt it or quilt it simply?
I chose to do a mitred border as I had enough fabric.
I found the centre of the border strips by folding wrong side
together and matched the centres and pinned at this point and
then pinned outwards from this point.
You could mark measurements to correspond with the blocks
of the quilt but for this project I chose not to bother.
I used the same folding method for attaching the
borders to the inner top.

Inner border matched at centre.

Marked with a pin.

I mark lines quarter inch in from the edge of the top. Where they cross is
where I stop or start stitching with a back stitch to secure.Similarly the
mitred border join starts from this point.

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JoZart Quilts said...

Excellent quilt. I love snail trail blocks and your colour palette is so effective.
Jo x