Tuesday, 4 August 2015

My Book

Two ribbons and one clasp

A sample double page spread: still one little cranny to fill when something
suitable turns up.

Not one I've written but one I write and stick in. Earlier versions were smaller and tended to hold workshop notes and sketches made in front of interesting quilts but as I took to more and more sticking the pages filled up fast. So when my latest notebook was nearly full I was pleased to spot this in a French bookshop and my husband who was buying something for himself bought it for me. It was quite expensive and I've since seen them here - behind the counter in WH Smiths. But I have just told him what a wonderful present it has been as I not only love the cutting and sticking process - as in primary school - but I often love to turn back the pages.
And more from Sisters, this time using selvages (of which I have a burgeoning collection):

I can't make out the name despite zooming but this quilt had found a buyer.

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