Saturday, 29 August 2015

Bonnie blocks update

I've now made my modern fabric version of the pineapple and blue clamshells but have only prepped the modern clamshells. I hope I'll complete them here. We are in Germany near Freiburg in a good sized village and I have brought my sewing machine as time  in our house is also part of our holiday. We have had a slow walk in one direction and been to the bank and the church., paying our respects to Mammon and to God. Now  I'm about to wake up Alan and visit the supermarket. Today I have made a wreath block but here are Bonnie blocks made earlier.
Modern EPP Inner City

Modern pineapple

Bonnie blue clamshells


1 comment:

Tracy Aplin said...

Glad you have taken your machine Mary!! I always take mine if I can!! See you soon x