Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Tuesday in Sisters

Karla Alexender's Roundabout quilt for which there is a pattern
Today Judi and I attended another workshop with Karla Alexander today, completely different from yesterday but taught with the same clam rigour. The Roundabout technique was much more complex than yesterday's sewing but it was so satisfying to be struggling with mastering curves in the morning but as I persevered it all fell into place in the afternoon.You coud use templates but we used the Circle Savvy ruler from Creative Grids.
Home for roast chicken from the supermarket for tea and then back for Quilters' Bingo, fun and we all won something.
A block laid out

Three travellers and a classmate waiting for the Bingo
Hall to open

Inspiration quilts in the auditorium

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Julie Fukuda said...

I am enjoying your trip on my laptop but wishing I could have been the "friend" in the picture.