Saturday, 18 July 2015

From Sisters

Valori Wells etc fabrics, colour not very true

My computer at home has been very put out by my using another device while on holiday and which I had to carry on using because I couldn't sign in to my blog but I now seem to have slipped in by the back door so here goes. I started to cut squares for the baby quilt but then got called away and it's just as well I did because later getting in the washing I realised I'd been cutting them out 2" finished instead of 2 1/2 ". It's not too late to change and now will consider whether I want 2" or 2.5" finished squares. Valori Wells Fabrics in a Village Haberdashery draw form the basis of my choices.
State Highway in Sister closed for quilts

Row quilt

And another one

This one, woollen "bricks".

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