Monday, 15 June 2015


I changed my bedding today and put this U3A teaching quilt out. I thought these more modern fabrics would look good but last year was very disappointed with the rather stark effect. It looked a bit better this year but it will be for the chop eventually.
Blue House

First modern house unit.

I should have said the fan block is also called "Letha's Fan" not Leila's Fan as in my last post. I'm now making the Friedlander type version which should also look good and I've made a house block but the modern one will be different with four circling 6" houses with fiendish set in seams. The first one went well. Fingers crossed for the others.
On Sunday Mary showed a flag quilt she has made for a friend to give to the husband of another friend - got that! It is the original US flag with an explanatory label on the back.
Mary's flag quilt

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Plum Cox said...

I think that your quilt looks rather charming! Hope that it's not for too radical a chop - perhaps just a little embellishment would bring it up to your high standards?