Sunday, 31 May 2015

Judi's Show & Tell

FMQ squiggles on the cream fabric

And on the back

The three of us going to Sisters met up to tie loose ends connected with our trip and as we haven't seen Judi for a while she had quite a bit to show us. She'd been on holiday but not without a sewing machine. She's going to use pieces as a vehicle for the sort of modern machine quilting which may be within reach of more ordinary machine quilters like myself. I shall watch and learn. Judi is an ace quilter on her domestic machine but makes it look so easy I have been known to say "Oh that's not rocket science" only to find that as far as I am concerned it might as well be. However I live in hope as I have now dipped a toe into FMQing on my Pfaff which isn't throwing up the back tension problems my Janome got up to.

A bit Mondrianesque but not slavishly so.
We both went to a Mondrian show at the
Turner contemporary here a few months ago.

Uvulati mug rug swap. Top is a copy of the of the one she made and below the
one she won.

Lots of negative space to show off quilting.

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