Monday, 25 May 2015

Group Quilt

The three Queen Beez met up to complete the last details on our quilt ready for Sandown. Maggie had put in the hours to finish the custom quilting which is just perfect. We sewed in the remaining ends and I corrected some loose bits on a couple of my appliques and Mary attached the binding. This Mary made a hanging sleeve in the same fabric as the backing. The backing was cheap Indian cotton from Ikea but it's lovely and soft and would be easy to hand quilt through. I must get some more.
Maggie is in the process of quilting her own quilt for Sandown using African fabrics.

Binding attached

We managed to sew down some of the border on the day and you can see
some of the quilting on this photo.

In the evening I went to Preview Night at the turner which was heaving. The reason: Grayson Perry. He had mounted an exhibition of his ceramics, drawings and paintings and three huge tapestries. He spoke in a very amusing and down to earth way and then stayed to talk to people and was still there when we left which as he hadn't been well and was dosed with antibiotics was very generous of him. I was impressed.

Grayson Perry

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