Wednesday, 29 April 2015


Before unpacking everything I rearranged my sewing room putting my cabinet in its summer position under the window. I also trawled through my samples box and threw some items out. I am a hoarder but the the extent of my stash etc oppresses me sometimes. I'm psyching myself up for having a table at the next stash sale but it's unlikely I'll manage. I'm the sort who buys up everyone else's stuff! Meanwhile I'm sworn to a buying boycott. However I am now tidy and it's lovely - feel the zen when I sew now.
This afternoon I machine sewed the binding on
a 24" Linus quilt started in a Carolyn Forster class. I have an aversion to curves and Drunkard's
Path type ones especially, hence the small sample.
However I love Carolyn's workshops because of all the
wonderful quilts, her own and vintage, she brings with her.
I also made the basis for a Honey Bee block and will add the "petals" anon.

Honey Bee in the making, fabrics "Doe" by Carolyn Friedlander, apart from the rust

Circles for Linus

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