Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Second day

Bonnie quilt taking shape

Belinda's block

My 12" block

In the morning I added joining strips to the remaing Bonnie quilt sections and joined as much as I could before I need to hand sew the back joining strips. I prefer to do the hand sewing at home. Once done I made a respite novelty block. And Belinda made one too
Maggie had longarmed a quilt for me over the weekend and brought it with her. I slept under it last night and today attached the binding reserving the hand sewing to do at home. Then I made another block. This evening I was using templates to cut out out Bonnie sampler blocks and will do another tomorrow and sew them.
Quilt minus binding on my bed

Now the binding is on

Another novelty block to mark a completed task.


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