Sunday, 19 April 2015

Bright Headland

Quilts festooning church pews

Bright Headland Quilters of Sheerness held their Open day yesterday and it seemed a good excuse for a jaunt. There used be a naval dockyard at Sheerness and I believe ships timbers went into the making of the church. It's not unlike being on a ship as the floors slope and if you look closely at the photo you can see how the pews on either side slope towards one another. We were supposed to follow up the Quilt Show with a picnic and a walk along the fron by the sea. In the event we picnicked in the car (expected) but it was bitterly cold with a strong wind so we chickened out of the walk and drove home. My highlights were:

Bid's wonderful "African" quilt  started in
Maggie's Oast workshop. Great border!

Detail of the twirling hexagons.

Bad photo but I like the colours.

Wonderfully graphic

By Sue Mahoney - what fun!

This one was nicely quilted by Maggie - made by Denise.

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