Thursday, 26 February 2015

A bit of a slog

Top done; started in a workshop with Maggie Kingston.
Having sewn seven of my half hexagon rows I thought I was on target to finish the top by lunchtime (1 O'clock). At noon I still thought I woud but it was five by the time I finished. I seemed to have to do a lot correcting and unpicking but the finished result minus top and bottom borders (fabric for these at home) is distinctly pleasing
Wednesday evening

. Just don't look at the back! After the hassle it was relaxing to sew a few 12" blocks from novelties cut into 2",3",4" and 6" squares.After sewing ones of the same size together I'm now coming up with combinations.
Finally I worked some stack and whackery four patches using shell patterned fabric by Philip Jacobs.
Philip Jacobs fabric

Four patches

12" blocks

2",3" and 6"squares to make a 12" block

And one with 3" and 6" squares.

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