Thursday, 29 January 2015

Oast events Saturday & Monday

Show & Tell

The Oast meeting was "corners" when we circulate around four demonstrations and are given a complete set of handouts for all eight or so offered. Everyone agreed this year's batch was excellent. The Show & Tell was on a small scale after the bonanza one at the December AGM but I think one person had made this set of charity quilts held up in the photograph.
On Sunday and Monday Carolyn Forster was doing a Drunkards Path workshop using  her set of templates. I went to the Monday one.I am not a fan of curves but I enjoy Carolyn's workshops because they are very thorough pointing you in various directions to explore and she herself had completed a sizeable number of good sized quilts as well as collecting vintage examples and fragments so it was a visual feast. At the end we laid out the class efforts and again lots to look at.
Admiring our work, mine for Linus front right lilac and aqua.

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