Friday, 19 December 2014

This and that

Mellony's Suffolk Puffs

The Usual Suspects met for a great Christmas lunch at  the Three Mariners and long distance member Mellony brought the quilt school staff members had made under her direction as a fundraiser. Utterly delightful.
Meanwhile at the U3a Margaret shared lots of tips for using masking tape and in the course of the morning came up with another, stabilising bias seams.
Stabilising Gail's bias seams

Margaret's Tips: she warned us to use the special quilters’ version for ¼” and 1/8” as the “Wilkinsons” version will not be accurate but she also uses wider and very wide versions of these. A piece of wide masking tape in a loop inside out next to the machine is a useful resting place for all those thread scraps. A loop of narrower (1”) around fingers can be used to pick up threads. You can mark the position of blocks and pieces by writing 1-1 or A1 etc on a scrap and sticking it onto the block. Masking tape is reusuable and can give you a convenient line to follow for machine or hand quilting.

This morning we went into Canterbury to the library and to make one or purchases but remembered too to go into the Close to view the crib by the Cathedral door. There have been two programmes about the life of the Cathedral on TV and the last one is tonight. Watch out for falling masonry!!

A reminder in the mayhem!

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