Saturday, 1 November 2014


After many stages along the way and many hours we were ready to assemble our handquilted blocks. We had three machines on the go and we all chipped in with the necessary ironing and hand sewing. It was a pleasant social time with more opportunities for chat than in regular meetings and we shared a lovely lunch too. Once assembled the quilt had a look of an old American one though there are many up to date fabrics included and the illusion of circles around the sashing squares was a lovely surprise. Vanessa is going to do some expert machine quilting on the sashes and Trish is going to machine embroider a label on the negative space of our one spare block. No wonder we look pleased with ourselves.
The team minus me

The team with me in Lime cardie and apron

Catching down the wdding so it doesn't gape

Heather, Trish and Mavis

Not far to go now

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