Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Bits and bobs

Trish's setting square

Trish has designed a very successful pieced setting triangle. My problem is a shortage of fabric and I am still hankering after appliqued dragonflies. I shall have to set aside a time for play.


Today we changed the bed and Gargantuan will be a regular pre Advent choice (ie pre pre Christmas!).
Yesterday was Usual Suspects day and it was so good to get together after what seems a long gap. The main event was poring over Judi's purchases and very interesting projects.

Judi's quilt top for a very lucky baby.

Belinda's for a very lucky girl too!
Last week the Quay Quilters meeting went well with Show & Tell and more work on our group quilt - it is mainly hand quilted.


Jane again, a small gift

Mary B's made entirely from recycled
fabrics, everything except the

Jenny's table runner.

Vanessa's to hang behind the Christmas

Gillian's, very straightforward and very effective.

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Jane in Wales said...

I love the Gargantuan! Nice to see all the different projects.