Thursday, 9 October 2014

Whoo Hoo

A twenty something Aussie relative of my husband requested a quilt with cartoon owls and intimated she loves royal blue. Lacking any royal blue owl fabrics this is what I came up with, four each of three different blocks with royal blue sashing and border. The sashing posts are on the centre sides of the blocks rather than the corners which forms secondary patterns of stripy and royal blue crosses. I had bought a fleece back (royal blue of course) as she will feel the cold in Scotland where she is studying and sized the top to fit, 57X75". I find many projects drag on for various reasons and it's been good to get to the top stage within a month of starting sewing. I am going all American this Autumn and sending this top to my long quilter friend, the second in a month. Maggie brilliantly custom quilted my Gargantuan quilt but these will be simple Pantograph breaks between more complex projects. I have always been impressed by the skill of various longarmers but seeing the thought and precise detailing of Maggie's custom work has been a revelation.

Joining the sections

Top done. There is so much going on in the blocks I wanted the
straightforward blue frame and unmitred corners, just plain,
and unusual for me. May bind in the orange, though.

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