Monday, 20 October 2014

Blog Catch Up ( more to come)

Bonnie Blocks

The two Bonnie blocks didn't materialise on my last post so here they are. Once I finished my owl Linus top I fished out my Little People from a transatlantic swap organised by I planned the layout at the end of my last retreat so the blocks were all labelled. I just needed to cut out the alternate rectangles and then sew sew sew. I shall give some thought to a choice of border. Black gingham comes to mind but I'll have to try it out. Other retreaters were entranced and chased up the original Kleine Meisje Quilts blog posts dating from February 13th 2012  which give measurements and ideas and embarked on an adventure of their own. Julie and Lynda are planning a group swap similar to the one  organised by Nancy (see above).

My quilt top, detail.

Little People quilt

Julie and Lynda's blocks; the purple dress lifts up and she has gone
"Commando" but her legs are separate from her body. A sad state
of affairs.

More from Julie and Lynda

Twins, one prim and proper, the other racier.

Julie's designer dress.

With heart

Heather's variations

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Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

SOOOOO happy to see this, Mary! Here's a link to all of my posts about the Little People, if you want to share it with the new enthusiasts: