Saturday, 20 September 2014

Whoo Hooo

The dog's dinner!

My favourite block

A young relative requested cartoon owls and royal blue. This gave me an excuse to buy enough owl fabric and coordinates to supply a whole army of owl lovers. All this largesse has caused nothing but problems. I sketched out a design and set too. I wanted to make use of 9" squares cut from a panel. However as blocks went up on the design wall all I could see was a dog's dinner. An owl pellet would have been much neater. I stopped long before the 24 block target and decided to use what I had done for a Linus or Sales table quilt. Ironically the block I made from scraps to complete a 12 block total is by far the most successful, a lesson learned, perhaps.
Now I am making just twelve 15" five patch blocks, four of each design to join with RB sashing.

Completed 15" block

Fabric selection, Plan B.

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