Saturday, 6 September 2014

Patchwork Inspiration

Floor of our room in Seville, detail,
We are in Seville at the moment having started off in Madrid where we visited several great galleries but had to be selective about which paintings we looked at, lots of wonderful Goyas and works by Velasquez. We also looked at Picasso's Guernica which seemed as much about drawing as painting, very graphic. Alan has been an excellent courier,taking me on a tour of old Madrid gleaned from an elderly Michelin guide, still accurate and, from the internet,  the first of three walks in Seville. Having lived in Morocco years ago I was very aware of its Medina like qualities. It has been very refreshing to immerse myself in works of art and architecture but patchwork inspiration pops up from time to time. The room here even has a patchwork tiled floor or is it the other way round?
Decorative detail in San Francisco
Basilica, Madrid.

Again in San Francisco

Yet another motif to

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Julie Fukuda said...

You can find both inspiration and ideas everywhere. Sounds like you are enjoying your holiday.