Saturday, 9 August 2014


Here at the Festival of Quilts at the NEC where I have a quilt on show for the first time. It's my "Gargantuan"  square quilt so called because it's 90" square and seemed a major project. Here I was surprised by how small it seemed. Quilts are well displayed at this show, most on white walls I was at one end of an aisle and friend Tracy's wonderful quilt made from Liberty Fabrics was at the other but hers was in the Traditional category and mine in the Two Person because it has been machine quilted by Maggie Kingston.

Tracy's "My Love for Liberty" quilt.
Before I set off my daughter and family came to visit and Isla asked after the quilt she had started and I promised to finish; I was pleased she wanted to take it home with her.
Mother and daughter

Isla helped to make this!


Julie Fukuda said...

Great pictures of some great projects. Another generation of quilters in the offing?

Judi said...

Sorry I didn't see you at FoQ but your quilt looked absolutely splendid!