Sunday, 3 August 2014

A tricky block

I have been  preparing things to do with the U3A next term which I'll show then. Yesterday I embarked on the next set of Bonnie blocks. I decided to have a change from  templates for the complex block Trish chose for us. I traced the whole lot onto freezer paper, numbered and cut out each piece finished size and ironed them onto the wrong side of my fabrics. I paid attention to grain. The same shape could be on a different grain for different fabrics. Now I am sewing around the shapes and as far as possible leaving them in.
I took a break after writing the above and finished the block which was quite laborious. I had cut the outer white pieces bigger so I could trim the completed block to the correct size only to make a stupid mistake, trimming one side to 6.5" and the other to 6" . I'll compensate to some extent when I frame it.

Freezer Paper block

Here you can see the pattern I'm working from

My (mis) completed block.

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